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DaDOM Erasmus+ project Update

In this blog post, we will give you a glimpse into our recent progress and share some of the highlights of our work.

Student materials and online teacher training

Over the past few months, the project partners have been hard at work, refining the student materials and writing the online teacher training components. The student materials have been put into practice in the three partner countries, providing feedback for the materials. By taking this feedback into account, we are now fine-tuning the materials to make them even more effective.

The care organization toolkit

The development of the Care Organization Toolkit is well underway, driven by the needs analysis conducted across participating countries. This insightful exploration has identified the specific requirements of care organizations, ensuring that the toolkit provides invaluable support. By tailoring the toolkit to address these needs, we empower care organizations and teach them how to work with VET schools and expert organisations to integrate music into their care offers. The toolkit will introduce the concept behind DaDOM, explain what care organisations can expect from VET students and what they can offer students in return.

Symphony of Inspiration

A symphony of inspiration unfolds as we are working on collecting compelling case studies that highlight music’s transformative impact in care settings. These stories serve as beacons of inspiration, sharing journeys of individuals and organisations that have harnessed music’s potential for healing and growth. Through these real-life examples, we aim to motivate and inspire others to incorporate a #DailyDoseofMusic, embracing its profound influence in their own lives.

As we approach the finalization of the first project results and the collection of the case studies, anticipation builds for the student training week in Iceland this September. This week will unite students from Lithuania, Iceland and the Netherlands and provide them with an unforgettable experience. We are looking forward to these upcoming events and other things the project will bring in the future!

📸: EMBRACE Nederland


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