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Student earns nomination with DaDOM presentation

When innovation meets education, remarkable things happen. This was vividly illustrated at the ‘’competences for a healthy lifestyle – a commitment for a better future’’ conference, held at Vilniaus Paslaugų verslo profesinio mokymo centras in Vilnius. On December 7th, one presentation captured the attention: a student showcased the DaDOM project as an innovative teaching technique.

The conference, bringing together many vocational education and training schools from the region, aimed to foster an understanding among students of physical health, socio-emotional competencies, and healthy lifestyle choices, particularly in the context of social and healthcare services. Students got the opportunity to present innovative techniques they learned and would want to use in their professional practice.

Among the presentations, the one by a student from one of our partners, Karaliaus Mindaugo, stood out. She learned about the DaDOM project in her classes and got to attend the training week in Iceland, where she learned more about the practical setting of using music when working with people with dementia. Her presentation of the DaDOM project and the real-life application of these materials in Iceland, was so notable that it earned her a nomination for the most innovative teaching technique at the conference.

Student from Karaliaus Mindaugo and her teacher.

This nomination highlights the influence of innovative educational methods, particularly in the realm of health education. It’s not just a celebration of her achievement, but also reinforces the DaDOM project’s role in shaping the future of healthcare education.


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