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Partner meeting in Reykjavik

The DaDOM project partner meeting, held in the scenic city of Reykjavik on February 14th and 15th, was a success in the project’s journey towards enhancing education and care practices through using daily musical interventions. Hosted by Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti, the meeting brought together the project partners to critically evaluate the project’s progress and strategize for the future.

The two-day meeting was rich with discussions on the significant progress we’ve made, including updates to the curriculum, advancements in our online teacher training, and the creation of a comprehensive toolkit for care organisations. We delved into the transformative potential of daily musical interventions in care settings, making considerable progress towards the pilot versions of our materials.

Our working sessions on the second day were a testament to the collaborative spirit of our project, with partners engaging in focused groups to tackle immediate tasks. An unforgettable highlight of the meeting was the opportunity to witness some of Iceland’s natural beauty. These extraordinary experiences added a unique backdrop to the inspiring and effective meeting days.

As we move forward, the insights and inspirations from this meeting will guide our next steps in the DaDOM project. We are looking forward to the next phase of piloting and finalizing the materials, and are exited about what the DaDOM project still holds in store for us!


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