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What are we going to do?

We hope to see an increased use of music in the caring professions by training a new generation of vocational care professionals who are aware of and comfortable using musical interventions in their care practice. This will create a Europe where musical interventions have become an integral part of the care professional’s toolbox, improving the quality of life for the people they care for. There will also be an increased understanding of the vital role of vocational education in the widespread adoption of innovation in the care sector. We recognise that this cannot all be achieved within the lifespan of one project, but we see DaDOM as the first step towards this. 

DaDOM Music in Care Student Curriculum 

The first and largest result will be a student curriculum introducing VET care students to the various ways that they can use music in their care practice. The target group is VET students from healthcare training courses and VET students from social care courses. The curriculum will be designed to be used as a module for a full semester but will also include guidance on how to shorten or expand the activities to make them transferable to a range of contexts. The curriculum will be strongly linked to the teacher training (Result 2) and care organisation toolkit (Result 3), offering VET schools the complete package of everything they need to start offering the curriculum as part of their core health and social care courses. 

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DaDOM Music in Care Teacher Training 

The second result of the project will be a teacher training, aimed at VET teachers in healthcare and social care, showing them the potential applications of music in care and laying the foundation they need to deliver the student curriculum. DaDOM curriculum in VET schools across Europe, allowing us to train the teachers we need to create a new generation of vocational care professionals across Europe who are able to use musical interventions thoughtfully, strategically and effectively in their care practice. 

DaDOM Care Organisation Toolkit

The third result will be a care organisation toolkit aimed at management and hands-on professionals working for care organisations on how to work with VET schools and expert organisations to integrate music into their care offers. The toolkit will introduce the concept behind DaDOM, before explaining what care organisations can expect from VET students and what they could offer students in return. This will be made practical with various real-world case studies and interviews. The toolkit will then bring this all together with an action plan which care organisations can enact in order to become a DaDOM employers.

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